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Thread: 2012 Rut Hunting

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    Senior Member Griz's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    New Hampshire
    I'm taking the 2nd week, I hope it will be cold! And we have a few cold fronts come threw. Good luck to yah.
    what goes around, comes around. (I sure do hope so)!!

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    Senior Member Whitetail Freak's Avatar
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    Wayne co. Ohio
    i took the 8,9,10 &11 of november off hope i picked right also ill have a total of 11 days in a row to hun daylight to dark hope i can put a bbd during that time

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    Live in Akron and hunt mostly in Carroll County
    I feel for you guys trying to pick the right days when time is limited. Makes me appreciate being able to hunt any day of the season I choose to. Now, if I just had the energy I had 30 years ago I'd be quite the hunter.
    I may be opinionated...but, my opinion is the only one that matters anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbeard View Post
    Thanks blackbeard! Think either weekend will be good, but liking my chances during the seeking phase so went with the first weekend to take my extended weekend vacation. Will still have plenty of opportunities before and after that long weekend, but just wanted to get myself in the tree for an extended amount of time.
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    For me personally, I would rather hunt the last week of October.

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    Quote Originally Posted by so.OH_bowhunter2 View Post
    For me personally, I would rather hunt the last week of October.
    just wondering, why the last week of oct.???? i'm going to try hunt 4or5 day at the end of oct. then nov. 9-14 NEXT YEAR....

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    Wayne county
    I think ore rut I's better where I hunt then the actuall rut. (my opinion on where I hunt nobody bust a nut over it haha) I seem to see the most deer in the last week of October and into the first few days of November.

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    I Have been Bow Hunting since the early 90s and the last week of October through the first week of November has always been my best Week!
    Is there anything better than being in the woods?!

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    I will be coming to the great state of Ohio nov 10 thru nov 18 can't wait

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