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Local Bow shop in Akron OH robbed. Please be on the look out

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Thread: Local Bow shop in Akron OH robbed. Please be on the look out

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    Local Bow shop in Akron OH robbed. Please be on the look out

    Hadley's Archery in Akron Ohio was robbed last week. Dustin is the owner/friend and a really good dude. He is a Mathews dealer and had $50,000 worth of bows, crossbows, releases, broadheads and clothing stolen last week. He even had customer bows stolen. fortunately mine was also there for a new string/cable but was not taken

    This is the season that he makes most of his money so it couldnt of came at a worse time. Sure insurance will cover the losses, but he will have a boatload of work to do now putting his shop back together and getting people's orders done

    Please keep a lookout for anything out of the ordinary such as stupid deals on brand new bows, accessories and other merchandise

    Thanks guys, and happy hunting this year

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    That sucks! I hate thieves!

    I would keep an eye out on craigslist.

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    My eyes and ears are peeled for anything unusual. I, like evryone else I hunt with, work hard to have nice equipment so when someone does something like this it makes my blood boil. I hate thieves as well. I will let you know if I see anything down here in Southeastern Ohio.
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    Thanks guys! Spred the word

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