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Thread: Deer Corn

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    I buy from Tractor Supply for $10.99/50lbs. I know that is high but the store is 2 miles from the house. The local grainery is 15 miles away and in the wrong direction so too far to save a mere $4 for 100lbs. I think corn prices are jacked anyhow because we supposedly have several years worth of corn sitting in storage. Somewhere I read to use sweet feed instead as it is about $1 less per 50lbs.

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    Walmart had it for 8 bucks Saturday in Circleville
    If there were 8 days in a week I would hunt 8 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayTheWindMike View Post
    Walmart had it for 8 bucks Saturday in Circleville
    Were buying it for 5.00 per 50 lbs in south east Ohio near Albany from Jason at
    Mound Hill Farms 740 418-0054

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    I pay $ 14 for a 100 lbs off a local farmer

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