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    I buy from Tractor Supply for $10.99/50lbs. I know that is high but the store is 2 miles from the house. The local grainery is 15 miles away and in the wrong direction so too far to save a mere $4 for 100lbs. I think corn prices are jacked anyhow because we supposedly have several years worth of corn sitting in storage. Somewhere I read to use sweet feed instead as it is about $1 less per 50lbs.

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    Walmart had it for 8 bucks Saturday in Circleville
    If there were 8 days in a week I would hunt 8 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by PlayTheWindMike View Post
    Walmart had it for 8 bucks Saturday in Circleville
    Were buying it for 5.00 per 50 lbs in south east Ohio near Albany from Jason at
    Mound Hill Farms 740 418-0054

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    I pay $ 14 for a 100 lbs off a local farmer

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    corn fields are starting to get picked here in central Ohio.Clark and Madison county anyway, heard some south (Ross County) have already been picked?Watch Pakistani Dramas ary dramas online most of the farmers dont care if you ask them to drive through a picked field (as long as dry)and toss the corn on the cob that is laying on the ground into a truck or trailer pulled by a 4wheeler..
    .they have some high tech equipment anymore but they still leave a bunch on the ground.
    just get it quick before it does rain and get to rotting it on the ground
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