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Fletching question

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Thread: Fletching question

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    Fletching question

    Just picked up 6 of the short 3 fletch arrows to try out over my original longer fletching. My older arrows flew straight and could keep groups in the 3" area at 35 yards. With these new ones I am all over the place, haven't noticed fish tailing, just can't get a group. I shoot 6 of the older arrows a back to a nice group. The arrows are cut to the same length and for the same poundage I am shooting, both are just standard straight 3 fletch. I'm shooting a PSE set at 65 pounds with a wisker biscuit rest. Maybe just overlooking something but it's getting frustrating. Any input please! Thanks

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    The taller stiff vanes might be hitting the rest. I think they make a bigger whisker biscuit rest for them.
    I'm still a fan of the shorter profile longer vanes. They work great for me, so I'm not changing.
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    Along with what MikeF said, if the shorter vaned arrows have a real aggressive helical on them, in such a short distance, as they go through the whisker biscuit they may be causing the erratic flight.
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    I think I have found 2 problems, the vanes are hitting the rest and the hole in the wisker biscuit Is about a 1/8" in diameter larger than the arrow allowing for a little more slop. My older arrows are just a smut larger in dia so they fit a little tighter. Time to get some more arrows, going back to the long vanes. Thanks for the help everyone.

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