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Acorns ?

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Thread: Acorns ?

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    Acorns ?

    EARLY? I was out looking over a few spots this weekend and the white and red oaks are dropping , and the deer and turkey activity have increased by the sign there. I have seen less deer in the beans the past week in the evenings . They was falling like rain and most had been cleaned up when i got there, so i decided to sit there for a bit and thirty minutes later a doe and a fawn came in to clean up what had hit the ground 11:00am. I am pretty sure this a tad early. The way it sounded they will be off 2 weeks before season gets here. So do you guys think this is early ? what have you guys seen in your areas?
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    Got the same problem here in VT.Already dropping.Headed out there in late Oct.,and was hoping to have acorns to hunt.Guess we'll have to wait and see if there'll be any left then.

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    Yeah I have noticed a lot of acorns dropping early as well... could make things interesting as the season starts.... I am hoping the farmer leaves the corn up for a while on the property that I hunt... I have heard a lot of guys talking about an early harvest this year though. If that happens and the acorns are dropping this early. Finding what ever food source is available for the deer is going to be huge come later in the season! I have been trying to brain storm and think of what alternative food sources are in my area that the deer might use when the crops and acorns are gone... Looks like this is going to be the year that a fall food plot is really going to pay off! (and I won't be the guy on that plot either... no time to get anything planted this year :banghead:)

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    I use a feeder all year and put out apples and oats all year also

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