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Thread: lighted nocks??

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    Quote Originally Posted by osswalam View Post
    Where are you guys getting the nocturnals? All i ever see in the store is the lumenoks. Are they comparable in price?
    Cabelas has Nocturnals on sale for $24 and change. I just ordered some myself.

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    I've used lumenoks. I love the idea of the light but they have worked very inconsistently for me. Sometimes they work and other times they don't. Maybe I should be looking into the Nocturnals.

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    alex, that's why i was asking where to get the nocturnals. After my lumenoks got some shots on them they worked about 3 out of 5 times shot.

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    I use tracer nocks. Love them. They claim to last 90 hours I believe. I know I left one on in my case for five days and it was still blinking.

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