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Thread: fall plots

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    well they brassicia will turn sweet after a frost, and thats when most deer will hit it hardest, once they find it after the frost
    here at my place the deer are eating my brassicia right now, they don't seem to care that its a bitter plant right now to them its green and growing, and I have a soy bean plot right next to it, and every deer I seen hunting over this saturday was in my brassicia

    so?? the chicory and clover is a NOW food plot, after some frost, the clover will pucker up and just not keep growing taller much, the chicory ?? well pending how much it will stay greener longer than the clover but my experience just not as big a pull as Brassicia
    MY question for you would be does your brassicia have turnips/bulbs with it??
    as not all so called brassicia's make a bulb
    if your's has a bulb/turnip, deer will dig them up once cold heavy frost happen on a regular basis
    but they normally eat the tops first
    My suggestion would be to hunt where your seeing the most deer, many deer go to beans due to they been eating them for the past 3 months, so there just used to easy meals
    but beans are starting to get cut now, so your plot being small will be a big hit come harvest time or some frost
    do you have a trail cam, or a stand where you can hunt the beans and see your plot
    first couple days here I typically hunt where i can watch the most land, the adjust FAST if I see a pattern, as food sourses change fast this time of yr
    good luck

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    my brassicia does have turnips in the mix. I looked Saturday and the bulbs are huge. I have a stand over the plot (my stand and the beans sandwich the long narrow plot) I can only see 1/4 of the bean field from that location. I have a potential location where I could watch the whole field and my plot...maybe i will do that until the beans are cut or they start in on the plot. Thanks a million, KB
    Mathews Chill-R, Carbon Express, Rage

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    No problem, NOW to me is the time to waatch and act fast, as deer are still patterenable this time of yr some what, later as fall comes on more and more things change, from food to cover to the rut
    so being able to see now to me helps a lot on getting a kill in on a buck, so if you can set up to watch both plots, I would, if nothing else it will give you a new view for a few sits, and let you know when your brassicia is getting hit

    a trail cam will work well too if you cannot sit
    I would think a plot watcher would be the best idea for getting details on entering a plot too

    best of luck to yea!

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