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Zaleski S.F.

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Thread: Zaleski S.F.

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    Zaleski S.F.

    I have been checking maps and google earth pix etc and was wondering if any of you are familiar with Zaleski State forest.From aireal views it looks like one of the densest areas in Ohio.Not that I am looking for a long haul out at my age,but it seems like there is alot of area there.Also I have been looking at Tar Hollow S.F.Any info will be greatly appreciated:bigear:

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    Live in Akron and hunt mostly in Carroll County
    Both are steep rugged country.
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    well its been a long time since I hunted Zaleski S.F. , but some of teh spots I hunted had good deer, and lots of room to spread out in,
    even some flat ish ground, but lots of hills where i hunted too,
    its a good place I thought, but like any place you have to go and walk about to find out the area's that have best sign, and work from there
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    I turkey hunted Zaleski many years ago. Some good hunting, but wear good, comfortable boots and get back when most people won't go. Some rough country in there!
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