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fletchings helical or 4 deg. offset??

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Thread: fletchings helical or 4 deg. offset??

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    fletchings helical or 4 deg. offset??

    well im going to get new arrows this weekend and trying to decide what i want with the fletchings, ive always shot straight but thinking about trying soemthing different...do any of you shoot helical or 4 degree offset and what do you think about them???
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    What type of vanes are you going with? But any ways I usually run 2-4 degrees of offset with my arrows and it seems to do a good job stabelizing the arrow with out creating excessive drag. If you are going to use blazers or a short vane then helical will be diffiicult to get to stick
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    I like a helical fletch with 4 inch feathers. I'm still old school i guess. My son shoots Blazers with a slight offset. Both shoot well. Shoot what you like.
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