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Questions after first year of bow hunting.....

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Thread: Questions after first year of bow hunting.....

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    Questions after first year of bow hunting.....

    So I have one year under my belt with a crossbow. Looking at compounds for this year ( will pass the crossbow on to my 11 year old who will be with me this year). So I have two questions as I reflect on my first year.

    1) With scent being SO important - what/how do you do when "nature calls" and you are in your stand or blind? I like to get into the woods early - and always pack an airtight thermos of coffee... I have to have the morning caffeine on the way to my spot - I try NOT to open it in my set up ( usually leave it in the truck). However, my bladder is always active probably from the coffee and adrenaline. This may sound a little crazy, but a few times last year I took an empty gatorade jug in with me. I like to sit for long periods of time. I met a guy who told me that he put some feed outside his cabin and gets a lot of deer. As an experiment he pissed all around it one day - and he said the deer still came in to eat! Not sure what to think about this... but I spend a lot of time and money on scent control - and I'm afraid that I could be wasting it? I'm sure I'm not the only one who has an active bladder? Any tips or thoughts on how important this is?

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    I took a leak out of my stand about 5-10 minutes before I killed my first buck! Let it fly.

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    Caffeine is a diuretic (forces your kidneys to produce more urine...fills the bladder quicker). Additionally, caffeine is one of the few known bladder irritants effecting some more than others. I use a gatorade bottle myself, but I always avoid caffeine when trying to avoid the bathroom.

    Scent wise...I dont know, but why risk it??? KB

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    I use a plactic 1/2 gallon oj container and a little rope and tie it to my tree stand. I have a summit viper so the railing on it gets in the way of just taking a leak. So I dont have many options. If Im on the ground I usually walk 10 yards away or less from where im sitting to take a leak. I still see deer either way so Im not terribly worried about it. Now when its time for #2 I tend to try to get as far as I possibly can from my stand. I havnt had the emergency #2 in the woods in a few years and I hope I dont have to any time soon.
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    I keep toilet paper in my truck and in my backpack... but have not had to use it yet! I have a 20oz bottle in my backpack as well and it seems to do the trick for most of the season... I am usually a morning and/or evening hunter so the bathroom is not a big deal if one plans ahead.

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    my uncle told me one year that the only time he pees in a bottle is during winter time and that was only because its acts as a hand warmer too...but i personally dont ever think about it when im out there i try to hold it but if it gets too much ill just go right there
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    well I say just go, well # 1 any ways LOl

    I have peed while deer were right under me many times to see if they react or not, never had one seem to care minus the noise of it landing

    I do think some older wiser deer it MIGHT bother, but over all, never been one to see any reason not to
    too many times i have seen ZERO effect on deer to bother carring it in or out with me!

    and I am a scent crazy nut on everything else, take great lenghts to keep all gear and me as scent free as possible
    very rare for me as far as i know to get winded
    every yr have deer in front back side of me with winds swirling and no porblems so far!
    but the deer I hunt are more used to people I think
    all comes down to how much contact and what THAT deer will think at that Time

    but again, I say let it go!

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