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Making a new plot

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Thread: Making a new plot

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    Making a new plot

    I made a new plot on my ground between last weekend and yesterday. First I dozed area clear. The area didn't have much topsoil on it so I spread out some good top soil. I also had a couple dumptruck loads of horse manure from lady down the road and a little mushroom soil left from a pine tree transplanting fiasco I attempted so I spread that all out with the dozer the best I could.
    Next I had my Dad come over with his old Massey tractor and disked the whole plot to mix topsoil,manure and mushroom soil. Next I used Dads push lawn seeder to spread BioLogic Clover Plus. After seeding my Dad used my Kubota and the cultipacker I bought for 200 bucks of craigslist to pack the seeds in. It was first I got to use the cultipacker and was pleased with how well it worked.
    The whole plot is about 30yards by 60 yards. I was really happy with how it turned out.
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    well sounds like you put some work into thios project

    and not to sound negitave here, but with clover seeds, being there so small

    and all that turning adding soil/dirt, you might have been better off rolling the ground first then seeding, as clover seeds really barly need to touch the dirt, and if they get too deep they won't grow well if at all

    you can alsway top seed any missed spots later on as it comes up, and you can add some nitrogen(urea) to give it a boost too, as I have no idea what your soil PH will would be with all the added

    but good luck, on all your hard work
    sure it will grow, now pray for some rain !

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