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Thread: broadhead help pls ?

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    I agree with what the others have said! I think/feel as tho the broadhead fletch line up does help also. Your bow MUST be tuned to get proper flight! If that archery shop wouldnt help you out tell them to piss off and find another! With that being said YOU need to be in tune also! Not dogging on you but you may be as much the problem as anything. Find another shop to tune your bow and watch you shoot to see if you are doing something wrong. Older bow or not you should and can get the most out of your set-up and yourself!!
    Take care and good luck!

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    When i shoot field points my groups are amazing 1 hand i can pull 6 arrows outta my target out to 50yards now my broad head group with 6 arrows out to 50yrs is onside 6in circle (no i will not shoot at a deer past 40yrs just like to c how far i can push my self in practic mode) just would like all 6 b.h to be in a 3 in circle or better , had a guy who used to work at a pro shop watch me shoot n he said my form n release is fine so with that said iam bettin its tuning issue or is 6 arrows in a 6in circle with b.h an ok group?

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