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Thread: Favarite food on the stand

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    I know what whities do to me, and I don't have any business being in the woods after eating them
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    obetz ohio
    It's funny how I wash all my clothes in sent free detergent sneak in woods nice and quiet get up the tree then the bottom drops out if u get my drift and I made that mistake once.
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    Live in Akron and hunt mostly in Carroll County
    I normally take a little somthing to snack on. Normally some type of Granola bar of sorts.
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    Usually save an apple from the pile for myself, a trail bar and a poweraid zero and I am usually good for the day unless nature calls. Used to do the sheetz thing till I got tired of getting out of the stand so often to answer urgent nature calls.

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    White castles, that's funny right there. Don't usually eat on stand but if I do then it would be bananas, granola, peanuts, granola bars, an apple, or peanut butter sandwiches. And always diet Dew.
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    well lately i havent eaten in the stand, just a monster or mtn dew and some apple jack in cheek
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    a ziplock baggie of nuts or trail mix and a couple bottles of water and/or ice tea

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    to each his own, but I dont leave home without something to eat in my stand...even if its just for a morning or evening hunt...I tend to feel warmer if I eat and drink something when sitting in the stand...and I also tend to be more aware of whats going on around me...I do always make sure that what I am taking is quiet.....so no cans of pop or bags of chips and I try to make sure its nothing that smells to awful bad but I dont take that scent stuff to serious.....I used to, used to spend hundreds and hundreds on scent free clothing and washing detrgent, deoderant and all the goodies.....now I just go hunting.....make it simple and try to be a mirror image of me sitting at home in my recliner....works for me and helps me pass the time.

    I do hunt with a fella on occasion who refuses to take any food or drink with him to the stand, and he uses all the scent stuff....he normally gets him a good buck each and every year so I know it works....but dag gonnit, when my belly growls, it will scare away all deer within a few hundred yards so I am going to feed that belly.

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    Hudson, Ohio I hunt mostly in Jefferson County
    I just take a peanut butter and honey sandwich and some water. Maybe some dried fruit. Nothing to noisy or smelly.

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    an apple or two and some water for me

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