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Barnett Ranger?

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Thread: Barnett Ranger?

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    Barnett Ranger?

    Hey, I'm looking to trade for a crossbow so I can introduce my son to deer hunting. I found one on craigslist, it's a Barnett Ranger recurve style. I'm a noob when it comes to crossbows and wanted to get opinions of the people who use them on a more frequent basis. It can't be a high end, the guy is only asking $45 or trade for it. I found specs that it's 150# pull, so I figure it's got enough to kill out to 20-30yds. I was gonna look at it and make sure the limbs look okay, shoot it, then see if he'll make the trade. Any other tips?
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    Make sure you check the base of the bows where they attach to the stock.
    I have seen a couple of older recurves that begin to splinter at this point (glass fiber separation)

    Check the release and the safety.

    I believe the barnett ranger was a cable and string setup?
    Make sure the cable is in good shape. You cannot find new/replacement cables very easily for alot of the older crossbows.

    Good luck!
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    I would strongly suggest you take the bow to a GOOD bow shop and have them inspect it
    45 bucks sounds CHEAP to me, meaning it could be a very low end bow, and or in bad shape
    a few dry fires will do a hell of a lot of damage to abow that the naked eye cannot see

    I kow money is a issue for most folks, but to me, for starting a kid off with a bow with questionable history sounds like a possible problem
    be different if you knew the guy and history on the bow

    but to me, new strings and cables would be a MUST do deal
    and then when you add in teh cost of them, the bow and well, bew bolts ,
    what your spending you could get a new bottom end X bow, and know its safe

    to me, I just wouldn't risk a injury on a new kid
    seem to me for kids to stick to the sport anymore the whole deal had to be enjoyable

    not knocking a deal if its one
    just something to think about
    once you add up all the things , a new one sounds like a better investment in my eye's

    Cablea's bargin cave always has tons of either out dated left over model x bows or trade in very cheap

    seen brand new whole packages bolts head bow quiver for like 200 bucks, and thats brand new everything!
    used one's for less

    just a thought!

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