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Thread: New Member Northeast Ohio

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    New Member Northeast Ohio

    This is my first time posting to any type of site.
    My daughter and I are the bow hunters in the family.
    We are using Parker Bows/Gold Tip arrows and rage broad heads at this point.
    Bow hunting is new to us.
    We were unable to get out alot last year due to some untimely deaths in the family
    I usually hunt private land

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    Welcome to the site Large...and welcome to the world 0f Bowhunting. Hope you and your Daughter will find some useful information on here.. A great group of Bowhunters and Friends to be found on BHO. Good Luck this Season to both of you! Seeker BP
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    GREAT to have you join us!! This is the slow time here so take some time and take a look back at some old posts and if you have any questions go ahead and ask! Once we get closer to bow season this place will light up with members looking for info. Have fun!!
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    Welcome ......... You will find some good folks here
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    Live in Akron and hunt mostly in Carroll County
    Jump in and join us. Great that your daughter hunts with you. Big Holla can tell you what a blessing that is.
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    Welcome Large. I joined last year and these bowhunters on here are great for information and a good laugh once in awhile too. Good luck. You know they say if you take your kids hunting you won't have to go hunting your kids! It is very cool that you can share this great sport with your daughter.
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