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Thread: Status of this year's acorn crop, persimmons, other deer favorites

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    Status of this year's acorn crop, persimmons, other deer favorites

    What's everyone seeing as far as acorns, etc in the woods? I haven't really checked out the acorns. As far as the persimmons they are falling already and are not close to being ripe. Must be the dry weather making them fall green. So it doesn't look like persimmons are going be worth much. Crabapple and apple trees around here are loaded though.
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    well I have some acorns on some tree's seem like a bad yr here, and what I seen are mostly on the scrub oaks, not the reds or whites

    Apples are far and few too
    I think we got warm way too fast most friut trees bloomed super early then we had lots of frosts after they bloomed

    so poor yr on fruit trees here

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    Will let you know after this weekend.....
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    Nuts are shedding like a dog with mange , hickory , walnuts acorns you name it , in 88 we had a similar dry spell and the limbs in the trees would just break off when it was getting real bad , Well last eve sittin on the porch it started again limbs breaking off the trees due to the dry and another one this morning, i know its nature taking care of itself but makes you wonder what tree where an when while you in the woods , 88 i was running coon hounds , and at nite you could hear the limbs crackin and hittin the ground...
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    this past weekend the red oaks up here ( GRAND RAPIDS) WERE DROPPING, not good, they are only dime size but a bunch

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    The early spring followed by a few frosts killed all of my apple blossoms, I maybe have 5 apples all together. Acorns are so so, not a good year.

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