My name is Dave, I'm from NE Ohio. I started hunting when I was 6 (1980) but didn't start archery until I bought my first compound bow in '95. I gave that bow to my brother in law when I bought my crossbow around '05.

I 've always hunted with my dad and he prefers small game hunting and deer gun/muzzleloader. Past couple of years he's been slowing down a lot and I've been hunting solo more often so I decoders it's a good time to get serious about my archery again.

Sunday I ordered a Hoyt Rampage XT Long Draw (I'm 'bout 6-4 with a 31" draw). Should be here in a couple of weeks so I can get some quality practice for a couple of months.

Its been a while since I've shot compound so I hope to learn a lot, and maybe I'll have something to contribute too.


County: Stark
Yrs bow hunting: 17
3D: No
Public/Private: Public
Own land: Not that can be hunted
Bows: Hoyt Rampage XT, Horton Legend 175
Gun hunter: yes
Predator: yes
Turkey: Heck yes
How'd I find here: tapatalk

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