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Thread: 1st stand for the 2012 season is going up today!!!!!

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    1st stand for the 2012 season is going up today!!!!!

    I found this spot in turkey season. There is a small old apple tree that never produces but I saw it had one large scrape by it and two other smaller scrapes around it. About 25 yards away is a decent sized pine tree (great for a cover scent) with a natural hole to shoot out of. It is also right off of the same large bedding area I shot my 12 pointer out of last year. The stand I shot the 12 pointer is on the north edge of the bedding area. This stand will be on the eastern edge of the bedding area. I will take some pics after I am done and let you all see.

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    Let us see some pics of your set up when you get them. Sounds like a good spot...!

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    sounds like a good spot, love those pine trees for stands.
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    well not to sound negitave here but I hope your putting up a ladderstand and not a loc on type stand

    as there honestl;y not meant to be left on the tree a Long time from a safety stand point

    even ladder stands there straps get stressed over long periods of time

    I would even go as far as to suggest leaving the straps a tad loose till hunting season and then snug them up so they are solid for hunting season

    its not just the fact the tree's grow but the UV from the sun that is hard on them straps

    just a safety thought

    but now is a great time to pick and choose stand sites

    lots of time to trim lanes and not be a disturbing the area before hunting season

    good luck and post a pic when all is set up!

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    Sounds like a great location MOTF!! Love hearing why people choose their locations and love it even more when I get to see pictures of them!!
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	treestand1.jpg 
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ID:	8507Click image for larger version. 

Name:	treestand2.jpg 
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ID:	8508Click image for larger version. 

Name:	treestand3.jpg 
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ID:	8509Click image for larger version. 

Name:	treestand4.jpg 
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Name:	treestand5.jpg 
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ID:	8511I have 5 pictures here. The first one is my buddy making way for the stand up in the tree. The second one is the biggest scrape and the third one is one of the smaller scrapes. The fourth one is a closer view of the stand, and the fifth one I am standing right where the big scrape is. Exactly 25 yards away from the stand.

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