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Thread: A Couple OF Bird Shots

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    A Couple OF Bird Shots

    Caught the Great Blue Heron quite a few times in the last couple weeks. The odd thing is that two consecutive days in a row I had photos of him with a chipmunk in his beak. I knew that herons ate meat like frogs, fish etc., but I had no idea they hunted chipmunks. In the one photo he has one of the chipmunks in his beak. The Red-Tailed Hawk is very common, but this was my first one in a photo. I moved this camera to a new location on Saturday. Going to miss all the critters that pass through again until September.
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    great pics

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    Really neat pictures Hortontoter!! Man that is something to hear/see the blue heron eating chipmunks!! Never in a million years would I have thought they would do that!!
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    cool pic's
    but hate to say it I hate them birds

    they cleaned out most of the fish in the pond !!

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