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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
    I too am from PA, it really comes down to your deer numbers if you ask me on plantings

    in places with less deer, you can get away with planting about any thing
    but in HIGH deer numbers locations you need to pl;ant what will give the most feed
    thats where i am at

    I think most ploters do get how damaging a bear can be to a corn field
    a couple bears can eat a corn field down fast, and once they find it they don't leave till its gone or gets TOO cold for there liking

    BUT since I have lots of bears
    they suck beans down just as fast, and without the cover, deer are less interested at times going into a bean field with a few bears in it
    at times the deer will actually run the bears out, but not always, as the deer heer way out nunmber the beras 10-15 to 1

    and they get hungery and don't care at times

    and the bears get nervous with too many deer about them

    but corn to me is a better plot, all the more so once snow comes
    standing beans, I am thinking your planning to leave them, for critter

    once snow comes, will flatten them(if wet and enough snow falls, last yr would have been a great yr with almost no snow lol)

    but corn will still be standing, and be a bigger attraction for deer, it will be cover, and thus deer will come out sooner, rather than wait till dark as in an open field after shooting starts, unless you own enough land to help keep pressure down it won't bother them(I don't)

    and when beans are growing, deer eat the crap out of beans too, so about a 1/3 will be a losse before a bean even grows

    just something to think about
    I am going to send you a PM too with some info on corn seed you might not know about

    Thanks for the info mrbb...good point on beans getting knocked down by the snow...i was going on last year when a big farmer came in and leased a pile of fields and put beans in...the deer lived in those fields all year...a couple fields he couldn't harvest because of how wet it was all year so he left them and the deer killed them through march...but also i really only need them through the end of November and we usually don't get that much snow by then...i have other things for the deer for winter and also buy a lot of corn for a couple feeders to help them through the winter months.

    Northeast, PA huh...I journey up there a couple times a year steelhead fishing.
    Will hunt for food...will work for beer.
    Leave'r Right There!

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    Pep4 I have a hunting camp in sullvian county, on the Bradford county line
    I used to snowmobile a ton up in potter and west of potato city

    deer will hammer beans yes
    but to me corn is still a better pull come cold weather

    deer like what ever is not always there so, if you had beans last yr left and normaly don't thats a big part of it
    any plot is better than no plot if you ask me!!

    they are just awesome to have on your property if you can!!

    good luck

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