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    Hello, my name is Brian. I live in the northern part of central ohio. I have never been bow hunting but I hope to go this year for deer season. I have wanted to bow hunt since I was a kid, but I had no one to take me. I was supposed to go for the past 2 shot gun seasons but the guy who was going to take me backed out both times. This year I plan or hope to go it myself and just figure it out by asking you guys tons of questions and trial and error. My first goal is to buy a bow, and practice, practice, practice! That's all for now, I will be asking tons of questions though, thanks!

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    welcome and ask away!!!! i promise you someone here will know an answer!!!!! my best advice is buy whatever bow you feel confident with, dont let a salesman try to push an expensive bow on you, look around, dont buy the first one you find, and yes practice practice practice. come back and enjoy

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    What do I do after purchasing a bow besides practice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deftones2015 View Post
    What do I do after purchasing a bow besides practice?
    Have the bow set up to fit YOU.

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    Alright, do I do that at the store, or do I have to figure that out myself?

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    just make sure where u buy your bow that they have a pro shop or someone with the knowledge on how to set it right and know what your draw length is and what draw weight u want . there is nothing more frustrating than trying to shoot a bow that is not set properly for u but when u go to buy one anyone here will help point you in the right direction when you are ready ''' and welcome to the site
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    welcome to the site! I havent checked this forum lately, but come deer season I'm on alot and would be glad to answer a few questions along with the other very knowledge members.

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    Great to have you join us!! Even though it's BowhuntingOhio we encourage discussions on everything outdoors so feel free to get started!!
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