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Thoughts on hunting land near Dayton

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Thread: Thoughts on hunting land near Dayton

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    Thoughts on hunting land near Dayton

    Hey guys, I wanted to get your guys take on the hunting near Dayton. I have the oppritunity to hunt a place but don't know anything about that part of the state. According to the map its gonna be suburban hunting and I've never really dealt with that. TIA

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    hunting near dayton

    I've been hunting near Dayton my entire life..
    Feel free to p.m. your number and I can school you a little bit on the area.

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    Can't help you much on the area but if it's suburban hunting you will certainly want to spend time getting to know the property boundaries and perhaps contacting surrounding neighbors to at least introduce yourself and perhaps gain permission to track deer, etc.. From that hopefully you will learn if the property has a problem with trespassers, good deer population, etc..
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    I hunt the Dayton area. Need any help send me a pm. The buck in my avatar came from the westcside of Montgomery county just outside of Dayton. 152 1/8. Field dressed 225.
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    Suburban hunting = big bucks. Good luck. I'm from 2 hours southwest of there, so no help here.
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