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Tree stands

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Thread: Tree stands

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    Tree stands

    We are planning on setting up four stands on our hunting property this year and I was making a list of things to have on them. Hangers and rope and whatnot. Got to wondering what everyone else likes to have in the stand with them. So feel free to share what it is you like to have with you while sitting in the tree. From safety equipment to calls to books. Whatever.

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    well, I like to take a ladder in the summer and see if any new brabnches grew up over the yr, where I hang my stands
    and then trim as needed , I trim a littl;e more than needed as they will re grow till Oct!
    I like to use a laddre as i can get more cut that way and don;t have to drag a stand in with me
    I can attach the ladder to my ATV, and in summer I can drive up to most sets get in get out faster and carry all the gear again on the ATV

    as for up in teh stand, a rope to pull the bow stuff with, and alwyas carry an extra in my pack!
    and lots of bow hooks, need at least 3 for me, one for the bow, one for my back pack and one for my quiver!/and or bino's!
    and always a few extras in my back pack too!
    other than that, thats about it minus the hunting gear
    I have been known to carry a folding saw in my pack, but over the yrs hunting same sets a lot just not needed!
    more for when I use the portable stands!

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    Pull up ropes are always necessary. A bow hanger in place is always nice unless you are worried it may come up missing. Something to think about for hang on's especially is the Life Line set up. Hunter's Safety System has theirs and boy is it simple to use, let alone giving you that secure feeling of being tied in from ground to stand and back down again. Make sure you use a lineman's belt to install your stands, all the way up and back down if you don't install the Life Line. Lastly, inspect your equipment!!! Your safety harness and all it's gear before you climb and if you haven't been back to the tree in quite some time inspect your straps to your climbing stick (if used) and most importantly your straps holding the stand in place (for any treestand). Only takes a moment for a tree rat to chew partly thru a strap making it dangerous.
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