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Thread: Where are all the regular guys/posters?

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    Well, I know for a fact I aint leaving....Like it here!! Most will come and go, but I believe once things get back to hunting you will see the ones your looking for.. Cant say I have had anyone on here make me mad.... but was suprised by a few who took some things way to serious, but I would guess that if they didnt like it, there were many other sites to cruise and make there home. Dont ever be afraid to ask a question on here, but always be open to the answers your going to get.... Turkeys are scouted, looking to smoke my first Gobbler with the Mathews......Shed hunting has been slow.....and no Mushrooms to date... Shout out to Big Holla, I sure hope your healing process is flying along....Really hope that you can make the summer Camp. Seeker BP
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    Well its like this, I changed jobs and have not had the free time like in the past to even think about getting on. It is nice that you considered me one of the regulars. I love this site for shairing information, have to agree with some that it helps if we all read as much as we can and then have field exsperance with stuff and do search for same topic before some post are put on here.
    It is the low time of season for me thus low post. Did get PM on a goats foot for old school crossbow that I posted way back. Been looking for this item for sometime to finish a project and now have complete!
    Don't plan on going to other sites, will shair what little I know about whitetail and learn from you all in the future.
    Patience and perseverance have a magical affect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."
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