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Thread: What You Learned..What You Will Change

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    I learned that tag soup tastes the same this year as it did 20 years ago.

    I had a good year and saw and passed on deer just about everytime I went out. I made the decision to hold out for a certain size of deer and never got the opportunity. But I am still happy with the outcome. Early season does are still safe with me. I would rather have the live decoys out there during the rut then meat in the freezer early.

    What I would change for next year........... Get some new recipes for tag soup.
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    I need to stop being to selective, let to many walk this last year and year before. I also need to kill more doe's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckscout View Post
    I am going to try and not over think things this year....I caught myself wondering why a certain deer did not eat at my food plot but ate at my neighbors and we both use the same food......we both hunt together and the biggest bucks were on his side of the creek more than mine.....
    Mineral Content?


    Next year I'm going to start hunting in October at the latest! None of this waiting around till Thanksgiving...
    I have access to some properties that aren't so far away from home... now I might be able to pull off a hunt after work!
    I got a new bow... there's a confidence boost.
    I got a nice meat grinder, so that should help on the other end of things :)

    I also set out some mineral blocks... we'll see how that effects the deer.

    I should probably take less crap with me into the stand... we'll see.
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