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Thread: Your 2011 Deer Season Review

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    Senior Member archerymurray's Avatar
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    New Salem PA
    I feel this was another wierd trickle style rut that just never seemed to blow open, atleast during daylight hours. My overall buck sightings have been way down the last two seasons. However my trail cams were telling me they were there. I managed to take a doe with my recurve early on and I got a 132" ten on Nov 4th. Not overwelmed with joy but satisfied I guess.

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    Wayne county
    Did not see a lot of of big bucks was my only down fall this year I killed 5 deer this year all with my bow a buck a button buck and 3 mature doe. It was a fun year it seemed to fly by tho. Counting down the days untill next season

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    My goals are usually pretty standard every year. Fill the freezers(2), did that. Fill all of my tags, did that. Shoot a mature buck over 140", did that. Shoot my biggest buck ever, did that. This was one of my best years ever and I did it with less time in the woods. This year I really paid attention to weather and wind and it paid off big time. In years past I went out every opportunity I had and even though I normally fill all my tags and shoot a nice buck it usually would be spent with probably 3 times as much time in the stand.

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    I shot my best buck ever which far exceeded my dreams. The shot wasn't as good as it should have been, even though I still never would have thought it's location would have allowed the deer to live and travel as far as it should have, but nonetheless I could have done better. As far as my other stands none panned out like I had hoped they would. Some of which was new pressure on bordering property that we never had to contend with. So even though I have had to get a cape to have my dream buck mounted I would say it was one of my best to date.
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    Starting late in November didn't help. First year hunting, effectively. Shot my first buck(200lb + 8pt & first deer ever) this year. I have fed my family this year, at least for a little while :) I am pleased with the season, even if I never got a doe for the freezer.

    *I got a (new to me) bow, so I have much higher goals for next year.
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    One word TUFF , i did not hunt as much this year as i would have liked to due to finishing our house, i normally only miss 7-10 days a season. so starting late was ruff on me personally, We have dog issues here (5) that are now running deer so that does not help at all, but i did and was chasing a nice 10 at the end of season with 4 other bucks , but he would only get within 50 yards of me. Funny how the big ole boys learn to stay just that much from the field edge. especially after the gun seasons.
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    Well, I have to be happy all in all, since this was my first year to kill a deer with a bow. Missed an eight point my first night out. Took a doe the next night. Hunted 10-12 more times and saw a few deer including a nice ten point several times, but never got closer than 80 yards. My brother saw the ten point again the second to last day of bow season, so we have high hopes of getting a little closer to him next year...

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    Why it was my first attempt hunting ohio and needless to say it was quite a learning experience. Had to hunt public land gun with little scouting time. Saw a few deer but tons of hunters. Ended up with tag soup. This year is looking up. I already obtained permission on 2 different small, but private properties in Belmont co. Currently shopping for a decent slugger. Need to get some minerals out now then trail cams later on.

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    Oak Hill, OH
    No shots Hortontoter, now that's a disappointing season!
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    Not a very good archery season in PA or OH...Ohio we had 4 guys at archery camp for 7 days and hardly saw any deer...i hunted every day and only saw 2 deer from stand! We were hunting mostly public land...we need to get some private land either lease or permission soon! PA wasn't good either...saw more deer this year than in the past few years but no shooter bucks...passed quite a few...the rut was hit and miss day in and day out and depending where you hunted...not many bucks were taken during the "easy stick" season as the weather wasn't very good so i'm excited for this year!!!
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