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Your 2011 Deer Season Review

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Thread: Your 2011 Deer Season Review

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    Your 2011 Deer Season Review

    So let's hear about your 2011 bow season in 3-5 sentences. Did you accomplish your goals? How did it go for you in general?

    I'll go first. I saw a fair amount of deer although I hunted the least I have hunted in 10 years (2 year old and newborn on 11/16/11). I shot two does and had a lot of chances at 100-115" bucks. I saw only 4 mature bucks worth shooting but none ever got closer than 40 yards. It was a disappointing season in general and since I didn't kill a mature buck for the wall I did not accomplish all of my goals.
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    in a nut shell my worst season here in Pa, and never left teh state on a hunt too! so bad all over!

    had a few chance's a few nice bucks, missed two ,clean miss's , and my fault, and left the rest walk! more or less!

    lost my drive to hunt, so that was a first and never killed a deer, again a first in all my yrs hunting
    so my worst yr on record deer hunting, or just hunting all together!

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    1 word....SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I shot my first velvet buck on the second day of the season. I could only hunt early morning, late evening, because of work. And did not leave the state. I think that bugs me the worst. I did see two really good bucks for NH, and they gave me no shot. Thats bow hunting .But all and all a pretty good yr. Yext yr I.m coming to Ohio one way or another!!
    what goes around, comes around. (I sure do hope so)!!

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    This pretty much sums up my year. http://www.wiredoutdoors.com/our_show/w11.html
    The buck Splitter 13 that I patterned all summer and I blew it. Hopefully it will make me a better bowhunter.

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    Had a decent year. Took a doe early on, passed on a couple smaller bucks, got outfoxed by one shooter and passed on another mature buck early, was holdin out for a better rack. Didn't see many shooters this year?

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    i was happy with my 5 days in ohio, saw 4 bucks i would shoot,lots of bucks on cam. at night....like to have filled my tag,but for me that doesn't mean success,first full year down there sooooo, cann't wait for nov. 7,

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