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Thread: what is everyone shooting?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MQ1 View Post
    I shoot a Mathews Z7 , perfect for me It would be my personal favorite and i have a Mathews DXT for a back up.
    I held the z7 and I love the feel of it, I also love the feel of the hoyt. 1300 is a lot of money, but I have saved up a lot, and I think buying a great bow is worth is specially cause either of those bows your going to have forever!

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    Senior Member ghunter's Avatar
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    I shoot a Hoyt viper tech. I have shot the z7 extreme tactical and I thought it shot vey well but was kinda heavy. I would love to get the new hoyt carbon element but I'm sure the wife would shoot me with it.

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    Our team will all be shooting Obsession Bows this year. They are super fast all models over 335 fps and doesn't sacrifice accuracy with a 7 inch brace height. Plus Dennis Lewis the owner is one of the nicest people I have ever talked to. Call them today and they will set you up! Tell them City Boyz sent you!

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    I shoot a Mathews Z7 extreme. There are lots of good bows out there I prefer Mathews.

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    Gosh, I feel like an outcast, I shoot a Mathews Q2XL I've had for many years......and I've got no need for a new bow.
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    I shoot Hoyt carbon element. I would have never bought it for myself. My wife bought it for Christmas. I think like blackbeard, my old hoyt magnatec shot em just as dead.

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    Live in Akron and hunt mostly in Carroll County
    I'm old school and figure if it works why change. I shoot the same old Horton SuperMag crossbow I bought used for $100 about ten years ago. Shooting Carbon Express arrows with 100 grain 4 bladed Muzzys.
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    I shoot Bowtech
    Whitetail Freak BOWTECH

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbeard View Post
    Gosh, I feel like an outcast, I shoot a Mathews Q2XL I've had for many years......and I've got no need for a new bow.
    Mathews Q2...........still get's the job done.........
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    early 2000 Jennings Buckmaster. 28" 65. :)
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