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Out of State Forum ?

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Thread: Out of State Forum ?

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    Out of State Forum ?

    I.ve noticed that there is alot of nonresident members, which is good. I myself feel a little hesitent to post things about my state in an Ohio site. With a out of state forum it would invite post an not be as confusing. I think alot of hunters would be interested in whats going on else where ie. sheds, rut, quality, cost, weather, anything about whitetails. Just a thought.

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    I think most guys come here to hear abiout whats going on in Ohio
    so, any one that wnats to talk abot another stae can just do so in the general hunting forum here

    I am a non resident to ohio, and thats why I like to tune in, as well as theer's just good group of guys on this site

    and not really all that many from OHIO, on this site seem to hunt other states so??
    and the few I seem to ee hunt pretty close to Ohio, so info is pretty close if you ask me , on rut sheds droping and that stuff

    but hey couldn't hurt, but don't see a non ohio area on this site getting much action!

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    I'm a non resident also,,hunt the south western part,and love coming to Ohio.

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    Post away on what's going on in your state, just take the time to say where it's occurring. Like others have said, this is Ohio based but many are from out of state. Nothing wrong with relating something going on at home as compared to Ohio.
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