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Thread: do you believe in QDM

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    Quote Originally Posted by badfaulkner View Post
    Ohio is awesome. I know two guys who travel to hunt there. I'll toot the Ohio horn for ya, bro. LOL. I'm going to make it happen one fall.

    You are right...a 15" forky would be a freak of nature. A six point would be more probable. A 13" forky is more likely.
    Thats RIGHT! haha jk I think it would be fun to hunt down south just cause of the sher number of deer! I love shooting does with my bow I could do it every day all day long!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MQ1 View Post
    I agree with the Deer Management part of it , everyone should try to do their part. we all know how frustrating that can be. neighbors .. brown its down .. yada yada...

    As far as the QDMA i would have nothing to do with PAY for PLAY outfits like i understand them to be, It doesnt need to get to a rich mans only game .
    Bingo. And bingo to what rrennec2 said also, QDM only works for small properties if you get neighbors to go along with it, and that's the hard part. For example, I have 4 properties that surround my 33 acres. Will QDM work for my property if the neighboring landowners don't practice it as well? No way. My situation is not optimal but it could be worse though. Two properties are lightly hunted with no QDM but they are too thick for other hunters to be able to make much of a difference. The third property is bigger than the other three and the landowner practices QDM, doesn't shoot small bucks. The fourth property is "if it's brown it's down", they shoot everything. So I can practice QDM on my property and it helps but there's always a chance that that small buck I let go all season will get hammered at any time on property number 4. If I could get those neighbors to practice QDM we would have something.
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