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First off, what's the bid deal about turkeys? It's not as much meat as a deer but the tag costs just as much!

What's the big deal? They are fun as heck to hunt, challenging, and it gives you more time in the woods. Once you have the chance to hear a turkey gobble close to you in the woods you'll know what the big deal is.

Next, how do you hunt them? (I know you use calls) From a tree stand? Do I have to go buy a blind? Bait piles? Decoys? Game camera? How do you pick a location?

Treestand = no. Blind = not necessary. Bait = not allowed. Decoys = not a requirement but will improve your chances in certain situations. Game camera = no. How do you pick a location? Find a spot with turkeys (look for scratchings, poop, listen for gobbling, use binos to scan fields, etc). Then figure out where they roost (sleep), where they like to strut (breed and show off for females), and feed. Then get between two of the areas, sit down, call some, and wait. Best way to kill a turkey is to get close to him on the roost without him seeing you and shoot him after he flied DOWN. No shooting them in trees.

Tool: Bow & shotgun only?
Shotgun - do I need a special choke? What type of shot is recommended?
Bow - there are threads on what type of broad head to use...

For someone just starting, use a shotgun with a turkey choke, 4,6 shot. I wouldn't start out with a bow. You'll get discouraged fast. If you do use a bow, a blind is required.

Where to shoot it: Thankfully covered here

Aim for halfway between head and body along neck. Don't be shooting beyond 40 yards with a shotgun, no matter what you hear and read.

Butchering: I didn't see anything on butchering. If I shot one, then what the heck do I do with it?

Forget the plucking or taking feathers off. Hang the turkey by putting a rope around its head and hanging head up. Cut around neck and skin turkey from top down, Then cut the breast out. Not difficult but will take some practicing. Have a buckey of water handy, there will be tiny feathers everywhere.

Cooking: Just like Thanksgiving dinner? Sausage? Burger?

Not exactly, bake it of fry it, a little different than a thanksgiving turkey, don't overcook.

If you guys can answer all of those, I might have to publish it... Hunting turkey sounds fun, but I wouldn't know where to start. I'm in the Northern end of Cincinnati and would love to go... but not until I get some of these questions answered!
I'd much rather turkey hunt than coyote hunt, good luck if you try it, but sounds like you've given up before you even got started.