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Thread: Meat Grinder Reviews?

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    sorry to hear of your bad luck. just a thought maybe look at ebay. good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by treelounger View Post
    just a thought maybe look at ebay. good luck
    I figure that's where all the crap ends up that people are trying to get rid of because they lost the receipt or something like that... it just seems too iffy to me...

    On another note, over "Christmas" with the in-laws, grandma got mom-in-law a grinder from Weston (#8). The casting job on that grinder was so pathetic that the hand crank wouldn't fit on the end of the shaft...

    Yet more evidence that all the hand crank grinders are made by the same poor quality company in China... (unless you consider the $250 one sold at Lehman's that I can't afford or justify)

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    I've just bought a Waring Pro Meat Grinder a couple of months ago even I ground 3-4 deers and still working fine. Maybe the meat grinder you are using is a substandard and can't handle long process of grinding hard and thick meat.

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    Lats season I got a grinder attachment for my wife's kitchen aid mixer and it is awesome!

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