Our Archery club (Golden Hawks archery club) Had our barn vandalized and all the 3-d targets where stolen and the barn was burned down they also tried to burn down our clubhouse but that failed.

If you see anyone that is selling Mackenzie 3-D targets in bulk please contact me on here or Dan Shelton

Thanks for reading this and post this around other sites we are located in Clermont County Ohio

Here is the post on our clubs website.


I hate to break bad news to you all, but today it was discovered that the Archery club has been vandalized and there has been serious damage to the property. The Target barn was broken into, targets stolen, and the barn was burned down. Everything in the barn has been lost. An unsuccessful attempt was made to burn down the clubhouse.

Because there is a arson investigation in progress, the club is closed until further notice. I will post any updates on when the club will re-open to this email list and also post it on the website.

In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears open, and let me know at the number below if you hear of any information that would lead to any information that investigators should know.


Dan Shelton