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Thread: Deer Tracking Dog Services - South West Ohio

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    Deer Tracking Dog Services - South West Ohio

    I will track with my german bred tracking dog in South West ohio. I have done tracks up to 27 hours old, but like to get out there the first evening. Stay out of the blood trail if you make a bad shot ( liver or gut) and give me a call (513)526-3806. Watch what the deer does after the hit( hunches up, lowers his tail, and shot placement).
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    MY dog tracks interdigital hoof scent when the blood runs out. I found this one last season 27 hours after the shot and a long track. The hunter didn't mind since he had enough cape for a shoulder mount after the yotes were finished.
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    Dave, this is a great service you are offering to our members. Some great success pictures which goes to show how valuable you and your dog can be!!
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    This is Quella's latest find after a good rain. Even though the blood is washed away the scent is still there!!! The track was rather fresh though, it was only 4 hours old, but I was still impressed with this young dog.

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    well congrats to the pup, as well as to the hunter

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    Another nice find for Quella. This one went 300 yards with blood ending after 75 yards. This was an easy track because the hunter or the outfitter didn't keep looking after loosing blood. when you loose blood and you or your search party (hunting buddies) go looking for the deer, you lay a blood trail for the dog to follow because its on the bottom of your shoes. The dog then tracks you instead of the deer, because the scent of blood that you laid is there for many hours and several days. If you shoot one there is nothing wrong with getting on your hands and knees, so you can look for blood, but do your self a favor and don't progress unless you find more blood. People who do this I feel I have a 100 percent sucess rate if you don't look any further when you loose blood, but people who don't, don't realize how hard it is on a dog to keep tracking up these false tracks. A dog works hard using it's nose and after an hour of searching for these fake tracks, me and the dog are ready to call it quits. I done a track last night where it took me an hour to sort out the track, but by going out past where the hunter went we were once again able to track, even though there wasn't any sign. Once she locked on to the deer she took me straight to the bucks bloody bed, but unfortunately the buck done jumped up before we got there, but the hunter and myself are satisfied that he is still alive, by the buck being to far ahead with little sign other than the small wound bed.

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