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Thread: 2011/2012 Deer Activity, Hunting Report, Season Information & Rut Report

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    First full day of hunting since October: 6 does came in downwind and hit my tracks and wind, mingled back 50 yards, then were ran off by 6 Yotes. Mean while another 6 came in from upwind where I expected, but mom had already slipped right under me without me hearing, and when I turned to see her kids she busted me. But later all 12 came back and bedded just 50-60 yards in a circle. Big mama's stood motionless on guard preventing me from moving for at least an hour. A couple mature does walked around licking and kissing the younger fawns. Very cool! 2 of them knew I wasnt a normal blob in tree. Plus possibly a swirling wind and a lone yotes pushed them back another 50 yards out of my life until September:( .............Last night Hunted over a bait pile/ camera lick. 3 Spikes, 1 basket, and 2 nice 115 class 2 year olds. If you are not baiting in late season you are probably not seeing or killing bucks. Great day to end season even though no kill!
    2013-2014 Tally
    Antlered deer seen under 60 yards: 0
    Antlerless deer seen under 60 yards: 6
    Total deer seen:11
    Deer killed:0/ Deer Missed:0
    Morning hunts:2
    Evening hunts:6
    Property/Hunts B:2, F:2, M:10, S:0, R:0

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    I hunted Saturday morning (Feb 4) for the last time. I decided to hunt a stand located in the middle of a honeysuckle thicket...this turned out to be a good choice. I got to stand at daylight, saw nothing for the first 1 hour and 15 minutes, then at 8:45 I heard deer blowing above me. The wind was blowing directly that way so I most likely had gotten winded. Finally I saw a doe up that way come out of the honeysuckle...then another doe, then another doe...and another..and another..and another! So now there are 6 does (couple were button bucks), all acting nervous about 75 yards behind me.

    Thinking they'd never come my way, guess what they did? They all came my way. Four came first, with a huge mature doe being fourth in line behind two small does and a button buck. I could have shot the button buck and small does, but decided to wait for the big momma. I wanted her, she was a beast, big old long nose, what a doe. The other two deer stayed up the hill where I first saw them. So right when the big momma doe finally stepped out at 20 yards, I got ready and drew my bow....but the other two deer had come off the hill and another huge doe was right behind me and under my tree and saw me and blew. Deer scattered. One hung around but never would come from behind some small trees. I blew that one. Oh well. Later two more does came by, but no shots.

    So that was it, season over. Two bow killed does to show for it, no bow killed buck for only the second time in 11 years, but I had a lot of fun. Is it September 2012 yet?!?!?
    "...the deepest, most permanent features of all great moments outside are the names, faces, descriptions, and emotions. The antlers on the wall...well, they're just bones affixed to boards. But what they represent, however, is flesh and blood - fathers and sons, friends spending time with friends and the the seasons of life when the people we love were still with us. These old antlers on the wall...well, take a seat, my friend, and I'll tell you all about them." -Rev. Zeke Pipher

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    Yes, it is now Sept. 2012 Get Ready!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crossfire View Post
    Yes, it is now Sept. 2012 Get Ready!
    My season in NH opens tomorrow, and yes I'm ready.
    what goes around, comes around. (I sure do hope so)!!

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    Hunting season opens on Saturday and with much excitement. Love this time of year when the temps start to drop and I just got done opening up all the paths in the woods from the last wind storm we had. Bumped deer everyday going back to cut and will be tough hunting with all the corn still up, but have seen them on the trailcams and numerous tracks. Finally get some rain where everything greened back up so expecting a good season. Haven't seen any big bucks to speak of, a basket racked 8 and a 7 point that is a little larger than it. They moved butcher shops for FHFH so I will have to tavel a bit to get them one but it is worth the cause. Happy Hunting all and good luck.

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