First full day of hunting since October: 6 does came in downwind and hit my tracks and wind, mingled back 50 yards, then were ran off by 6 Yotes. Mean while another 6 came in from upwind where I expected, but mom had already slipped right under me without me hearing, and when I turned to see her kids she busted me. But later all 12 came back and bedded just 50-60 yards in a circle. Big mama's stood motionless on guard preventing me from moving for at least an hour. A couple mature does walked around licking and kissing the younger fawns. Very cool! 2 of them knew I wasnt a normal blob in tree. Plus possibly a swirling wind and a lone yotes pushed them back another 50 yards out of my life until September:( .............Last night Hunted over a bait pile/ camera lick. 3 Spikes, 1 basket, and 2 nice 115 class 2 year olds. If you are not baiting in late season you are probably not seeing or killing bucks. Great day to end season even though no kill!