Everyone, let us know what you are seeing out there for deer activity when you are scouting and while hunting this season. If you are comfortable with it, list the county or region you are reporting from. If your report is from a state other than Ohio please still list it here but make sure you mention what state it's from and again, the county or region of that state.

Let us know when you find rubs, scrapes, pre-rut, rut and all post-rut activity. Additional information such as acorn reports, what the deer are eating in your area, deer activity such as bachelor groups, family groups or herding, sparring activity, knock down drag out fights and even the moment you spot a buck with shed antlers. Let us all know! Pictures to go along with your post would be great!

This post will also help out BowhuntingOhio.com member Lucky1 in his research study he is doing at Kent State University: