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Thread: Coyote Gun?

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    I took my first and only yote with a Double Star AR15 with a bipod and scope using Wolf HP ammo at about 200yds... one shot, one kill. The beauty of the AR... if you miss, keep trying I suggest you don't miss though...

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    As was said there are lots of choices out there just make sure you choose the right ammo. Personally I am eyeing up a .243 since I can use it from everything from deer to groundhogs with proper bullet selection but I live where I can hunt just about everything with a rifle. And well I want one.
    I don't partake in assembly-line convenience. I don't say that killing things is bad while I hire people to kill things for me. ~ Ted Nugent

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    I just got a .223 Savage axis, with a 3-9 Bushnell scope. Reviews I read talk about it be low end but very accurate. It is very accurate! Haven't shot a coyote yet but did sight it in and was very impressed. I got a great deal at Dunhams $299.00 with scope. I plan on Camoing it with Hydrographing. You can look up Mydipkit.com looks really cool what can be done with that stuff. I went out yesterday and saw no coyotes but 3 nice bucks running together. Very cold out but I was dressed warm and it was great to be out!

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    well Savages are always known to be very accurate rifles
    so thats no suprise to me

    as for that camo dipping stuff
    well I am sure it looks good when done
    but to be honest its no wear near as good a coating as many others out there
    like cerakote or Duracoate, Black Ice or the likes
    these coating can be done in any camo pattern you wnat , can be done in do it yourself kits, and protects the firearm way better than them dips do
    prep on all coatings in a big deal maker or breaker just a heads up!
    so, just something to think about maybe, and congrats on the new guns

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