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Thread: Bokes Creek Winery

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    Bokes Creek Winery

    We just received our last permit to manufactor and sell wine. So as of 10-1-10 we will be official.
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    Pretty awesome Mike.. CONGRATS!
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    Congrats Mike!

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    when can i place an order mike!:seeya:
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    Thumbs up

    Good deal "Uncle Jesse", now its time too retire
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    Quote Originally Posted by ohiowhitetails View Post
    when can i place an order mike!:seeya:
    It won't be long, I'll let you know. We're permited to sell mail order to the consumer, so we can mail it right to ya. That's easier than finding a DD.

    Thanks for the congrats guys, we're pretty excited about getting things going.
    Don't ever let the truth get in the way, of a good story

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    keep us updated! I will definately be putting in an order!!!!!!
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    Holy crap and all this time I figured you were just doing it all for the fun of it!! Big step for you to take on something great there Mike!!
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    Congrats Mike... I'm ready to place an order! : )
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    Good luck Mike! But..... How are you gonna keep from drinkin the inventory?
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