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    Senior Member quackaholic's Avatar
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    Greeneville, TN


    Just bought my first ccw. A Springfield Armory XD-9 sub compact.
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    I wish I had your money...Very nice Quack
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    BHO Pro Staff redneckross's Avatar
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    congrats on the addition to the family quack. you will not fina better pistol for the money when you go with springfield!!!!!!!! i almost brought home a xd in april the day my tax return came but i went with the XDM 4.5 in 9mm. i just had to have the 19 +1 cap. i will carry it. since i am a large guy i can hide it well even in a regular hip holster and when i get my cross breed holster it will be undetectable to the naked eye.

    congrats again!!!!!
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    Senior Member 4arms's Avatar
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    nice pistol quack... I was looking at those pretty hard before I bought mine.

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    Senior Member swamp ghost's Avatar
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    Great gun. I love my XD. You will not be disappointed with it
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    Senior Member Woodsman's Avatar
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    I also have an XD-9 subby. Awesome little pistol.

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    Senior Member ghunter's Avatar
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    I was thinking about getting that one just something about a slim 45. I didnt get it because I don't conceal when I carry. Plus I'm not a huge fan of the XD don't get me wrong they are a nice gun I just don't like the feel for them.

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