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Thread: Ted Nugent

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    Me too shaggy!

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    He broke the law unknowingly, admitted to it, paid his fine, and that is it. Ted kills for food and for the thrill of hunting so I don't care if he shoots a 3 pt buck or a 30 thirty point buck. The country would be better if we had more Ted Nugent's and less liberals that's for darn sure.
    "...the deepest, most permanent features of all great moments outside are the names, faces, descriptions, and emotions. The antlers on the wall...well, they're just bones affixed to boards. But what they represent, however, is flesh and blood - fathers and sons, friends spending time with friends and the the seasons of life when the people we love were still with us. These old antlers on the wall...well, take a seat, my friend, and I'll tell you all about them." -Rev. Zeke Pipher

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    I'm with you all the way Blackbeard.

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    Blackbeard I totally agrree they are all tropheys tio me I'm just happy to be able to hunt and really enjoy myself out there in the woods

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    I heard this story from my friend. Now i see it's real!

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