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Thread: Pictures of the Survival Bracelet I made

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    Quote Originally Posted by nkinzy View Post
    That ain't a half bad idea. Except it would take me all night! I bet i'd use somewhere around 100 feet or maybe more to make a gunsling.
    probably more.
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    i have a gun sling made from 550 para cord i have it its on my cva 50 cal m.l its 125ft if i remember a friend made it for me its the camo para cord looks kool

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    That was a really nice survival bracelet. I'll try to make one also for my dad.

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    You know these things are funny. Me and my fellow Marines were making these when we were in Iraq back in 04-05 just for the fun of it, and to send back home to family & friends. Back then it was nothing, and now...everyone is wearing them, there are even companies making LOTS of money off of them. Just to think we could have been living the easy life with all that money...

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    I made a nice bono sling out of this stuff. Super easy and something to do on the boring nights at deer camp.

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