02-17-2009, 12:50 PM
I've located a webpage that is quite a useful resource in finding and following up on potential Anti-hunting/Anti-gun legislation being drafted in both the house and senate of congress. I can't tell you to do it or not....but it would be nice if everyone started to verify the story/legislation before making posts about it. That way......my blood pressure and others BP doesn't go through the roof over something that is misleading and false.....because here recently there's been some stuff floating down from congress that makes my head want to explode. If I see any potential legislation.....I will be sure to sticky it too the top so that way other members can follow the bill/legislation throughout it's time in congress. that way it doesn't get lost in the crowd of other posts.

02-17-2009, 05:10 PM
Great idea Kinzy. It is important in this day and age to become part of the solution.

02-17-2009, 11:02 PM
if you are an NRA member, and all on here should be!!
you can get on there e-mail list of news, and you will be in the know, of any and all news about gun related news, as well as ALL states hunting news!
I get a lot of e-mails every week, about all stuff we need to be in the know about!!
plus they will give you the contact info on rep.;s in your area, or e-mail addresses you can send your opinions to!

02-17-2009, 11:06 PM
I used to be a NRA member,but I got tired of having a full mailbox of junk mail from the NRA,they waste alot of money on postage sending all that stuff

02-17-2009, 11:21 PM
yes but they are the biggest thing standing between loosing your guns and a lot of other rights we now have!!
and strength is is numbers, when they loose members they can loose the fight!! as it show the government that not as many people still concider it important!!
80,000,000 guns in the USA and only 3million NRA members
so you really should be a member even if you don't like the junk mail, as they need to members to show strength to the government!! not weakness! just think of the power if every gun owner was a member, that would be a ton of leverage and security to our rights!!

and its a small price to pay for having someone standing up for your rights 24/7/365
just throw the mail away!!
and show support !! be a member and get others to join!! to help insure our rights stay the same!

02-18-2009, 07:39 AM
ARguing the validity of being an NRA member wasn't really the intention of doing this. I just wanted to make it easier for folks to swing over to the NRA, Congress, and other groups to check out legislation. It's none of my business whether or not a BHO member is a card carrying member of the NRA.

02-18-2009, 08:56 PM
I agree, I wasn't looking to argue, just say some things maybe others didn't know!

03-17-2009, 12:50 AM
Good post kinzy, and I will never bash the NRA.