View Full Version : 2016 season pics

10-25-2016, 06:46 PM

I finally for some bucks in front of my camera. Its crazy, ZERO bucks on camera since early spring and now 3 different bucks within 2 weeks. Knock on wood, the buck numbers will keep going up for the next few weeks, I have some vacation scheduled for next month. Looks like the scrape method is working. Have a video of them sparing in front of them cam, and look how swollen the neck is on the one on the left! I think its safe to say he's ready for a girlfriend! Lol. What are y'all seeing?

10-25-2016, 10:09 PM
sounds like your place is better for fall feeding than spring/summer

and yes that one on the left is a BIG body buck, not just the neck!
I only been seeing dead one's on side of road way's

been getting more and more bears in the yard last couple days
had some snow flurries today too, first one's of the fall now?
and calling for an inch or so, Friday!

best of luck to you on tagging one of them if your after either!