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10-06-2016, 06:11 AM
How many of you guys have and use the moon guide and if you do use it how accurate do you think it is? Do you feel it has helped make you more successful?

10-06-2016, 06:27 PM
I've never purchased the actual moon guide. I have tried watching kind of moon and when however, never really seamed like it made much difference. I have one guy I work with swears that you need to hunt during the day on the full moon and another that says a new moon. I just believe nature is to unpredictable and I try to get out as much as I can especially the end of OCT and beginning of Nov.

10-06-2016, 11:03 PM
Nope I hunt when ever I can with work and a family involved in a lot of activities that all I can do

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10-07-2016, 12:35 AM
I bought the moon guide for the first time this year. After not seeing many bucks all spring and summer, I figured ehh, why not try it? As far as how accurate it is, I have no clue. But I hope its on point cuz I planned most of my vacation days around it this year, lol. I will say I'm like most tho, I hunt every chance I can, just gonna save certain areas for "prime time" red moon days. Guess we'll see...

10-08-2016, 11:20 PM
Well I checked the moon guide last night before I went out this morning and saw that it was a red moon day. And could be a coincidence but last Sunday I saw 1 deer where as today from the same stand I saw 4 bucks...

10-09-2016, 07:53 PM
I dont pay attention to the moon guide. But than again on public land you never know whats affecting deer movement. I do think barometric pressure has a lot to do with game activity. I am actually going to log my season and see if any patterns appear over the next few years.

10-09-2016, 09:27 PM
Nomad I think your more on about public land, and well JUST pressure in general
I am SURE all animals are effected by moon phase's
But unless you have grounds that don't get pressured or have trespassing and other things changing patterns more than the noon does
I think its a wash
just hunt when you can! your odds are UP IMO spending more time in the woods than waiting for a moon phase or??

its a combination of factors I think that truly effect deer movement
, pressure, food, numbers cover, how far they have to travel, and the such

temp swings, I think make em move more than moon!