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09-27-2016, 04:48 AM
How many of you shoot fawns knowing it is a fawn? Question 2 If you don't normally shoot fawns would you shoot a piebald fawn if given the chance?

09-27-2016, 06:33 AM
The one place I hunt it is forbidden to shoot yearlings or fawns or does that have fawns with them

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09-27-2016, 02:04 PM
I do not... nothing against others for doing it. I just enjoy the thrill of smoking an old nanny more than a yearling.

09-27-2016, 04:50 PM
I cannot see the point or need to do so, I think shooting a fawn KNOWING its a fawn, is a poor choice to anyone but maybe a kid trying to get there first kill in and don't care WHAT that happens to be

unless you really NEED the meat, and your NOT getting much, so the cost of lic tag, and time hunting, is a small reward there, sort of a waste of money no??

and I wouldn;t shoot cause its a piebald deer either, WHY, I'd be embarrassed to have it mounted in my home and then tell folks I killed it on purpose

just cause one can , doesn't mean they should IMO?

09-27-2016, 11:20 PM
I have to agree, no fawns in the freezer here. And nothing against someone who does, maybe you only have limited time to get in the stand throughout the season, maybe you spend all season in the stand and that's all you can get in range, you never know. As far as a piebald fawn...I gotta admit I might have to let an arrow go on that one. For the simple fact of I've never seen or heard of any around my area (not saying they're not out there) and you might only get 1 shot ever at one so...ehh why not. And sorry mrbb but I would not be embarrassed to have it in my house and tell people I killed it, any deer harvested is respected and put to good use in our house.

09-28-2016, 04:43 AM
I respect all of your guys opinions, that's why I come on here and ask. I usually don't shoot fawns either but in this case I think I would make that exception. It would be a great looking trophy in my room and I would proudly display a full body mount to give it the respect it deserves.

09-28-2016, 07:35 AM
Well as all said its up to the hunter. But after all I've read and talking to several biologist killing deer from all age classes is a good idea. I wouldn't shoot only my biggest does now. Especially your mature does, they are the ones that live on your property and are at home. Those yearlings will eventually disperse. Currently on a piece of property I hunt with my 6 yr ole here I have 3 does all with fawns still and I wouldn't kill any of them till later in the season. However when I do decide to shoot one it will be one of the two that only had a single fawn because the one with twins is older and healthier. She probably will continue to drop 2. Just my 2 cents.

09-28-2016, 11:07 AM
I dont intentionally shoot fawns. Or yearling deer. But sometimes it happens. At times I find it difficult to judge the size of a deer if there are no other deer to compare it with. I would much prefer to shoot a older deer because there is more meat and its the same amount of butchering work if the deer is 1 year old or 4.

09-28-2016, 11:58 AM
I agree, that I would probably let an arrow fly at a piebald fawn. I have never seen one in my area or known anybody in the area to get any trail cam pics or harvest any. While I agree passing on fawns is the right thing to do, I would probably shoot it if given the opportunity in this particular situation.

09-29-2016, 04:03 PM
I would never intentionally use a tag on a fawn, even if it were a piebald. We had a doe that was a piebald on our place there in Ohio that we called off limits, but you cannot control what the neighbors do though and she disappeared that same year. With that said I have shot a few fawns in years past and every time it was a single deer coming through and did not size it up well enough to determine how big it was. It happens. My first deer though was a button buck and it was actually a pretty big deer considering it was only that years fawn.

09-29-2016, 07:43 PM
I think that most of us have shot yearlings before it happens to the best of us

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09-29-2016, 07:54 PM
I think that most of us have shot yearlings before it happens to the best of us

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doing it by accident and doing on purpose are two totally different things
this question states if you KNEW it was fawn would you shoot it??

I have left many piebald deer go, even left a all white doe go for a few seasons and never thought about killing her

she produced several other piebald deer as well
also at same time was a all white buck, he went from a button to a 4 pointer to a 6 and then an 8, when he was an 8 I tried to kill him, came close many times but could never close the deal, then he went MIA
out of hunting season I got to about 10 ft of him many many times
was actually the most patterned deer I ever hunted, he was like clock work on where he traveled, right until gun season, then he crawled into a hole I think for 2 weeks LOL

But I have no desire to shoot a fawn of any color knowingly, unless it was a BIG buck, I don't think I would shoot any all white deer either!

09-29-2016, 07:55 PM
I know accidents happen and if I knew it was a fawn I wouldn't let it fly

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