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01-31-2016, 08:22 PM
Getting back to Ohio to bow hunting next year I moved to Florida to become a fishing guide on Lake Okeechobee about 15 years ago and really miss hunting Ohio. Probably going to be going back to hunt Tuscarawas county where I grew up and hunted till moving to Florida. Anyone having any other opportunities available for bow deer hunting I am open for suggestions. Willing to swap guided fishing trips on world famous Lake Okeechobee for some trophy bass fishing. www.markkingfishing.com

02-02-2016, 01:44 PM
welcome to the site, never hunted in that county so cannot add anything
but there is a TON of good public lands all over ohio holding some BIG bucks

I'm From PA, too, so cannot help with any swap hunts, as hunting in PA isn't what I would call HIGH quality unless you own a ton of land and grow it for bigger bucks, which IS getting better here, but public lands are hit and miss at best, need to be pretty lucky to kill a 130+ in PA

might however be the best chance at one now than in PA"s history, but PA was never managed for BIG bucks, just LOTS of deer then they axed that, after too many deer ate the crap out of our forests
NOW< der numbers are LOWER , but som,e better bucks in the mix, but not a LOT of either LOL

02-02-2016, 03:10 PM
Welcome back. I too am from PA and camp help too much. But I do agree with mrbb. 130+ are rare in PA. They do happen and are around more often now.

02-03-2016, 06:38 PM
From Ohio but can't help with swapping anything I hunt in Delaware county a lot

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