View Full Version : I got a jaguar crossbow as a gift..

01-20-2016, 08:08 PM
The "Jaguar 175-lb. Crossbow Package"

Anyone ever used it? I'm not much of a crossbow guy.

What sight should I put on it?

04-29-2016, 09:17 PM
Dont have anyone answer?

04-30-2016, 12:00 PM
never heard of that mke/model
but there are SO many out there anymore, its hard to keep up, crossbows are a very growing sport
m suggestion is go to the makers web page and see what they use for scopes on it, and go to a good scope, with multi reticle set up, lighted one's are nice for low light as long as you can turn down/adjust the brightness, other wise the glow can blind you more than do you any good in low light!