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12-18-2015, 01:17 AM
I took down this public land doe yesterday evening. She only went 30 yards. Got her with the 2 blade Rage chisel tip. Yes she is only a yearling but there are several benefits to shooting a yearling. They gut easier, they usually die quicker, they drag easier, and they have the best tasting meat. I was also deceived by her size. She walked right in from behind me and was at the base of my ladder as she walked by. She looked pretty long and so when she got about 15 yards out I put the smack down on her. I really believed she was at least 1 1/2 old or more.

12-18-2015, 08:36 AM
Nice job MOTF how many is that for you this year? I have to look at the head/ears to attempt to age them and sometimes I still get it wrong. The little ears and short snout are the give always for me. Otherwise trying to size a deer when it is by it self is near impossible for me.

12-18-2015, 08:51 AM
Congrats motf! More backstraps, woohoo! When are you holding the BHO cookout? Lol

12-18-2015, 12:03 PM
good for you on a fine doe, no so easy to come by after gun season I bet on public lands these days!
SO congrats to you!

12-19-2015, 08:30 AM
BHO cookout? Sounds like a plan to me. Let's do it!!!!!

12-20-2015, 06:51 PM
Atta boy

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12-21-2015, 06:42 AM
Haven't we talked about a cookout before

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12-21-2015, 10:23 AM
yes many many times
and never enough REAL interest for anything to ever happen

all the more so I think these days, when MOST of the active members are from out of state, like me and a few others
back when we had a lot of active members and had a better group willing to do more
these camp-outs were a yearly deal, where folks came from pretty far away, and all of the camp-outs were great times

I know it was a 7+ hr drive for me LOL

heck, they even had a LOT of guys showing up for the winter camp out's
But we lost something here over the yrs
we still have some good members, but action here is so hit and miss, I just cannot see another one, sadly!

or NOT Unless things around here really change, which I think MOST of the long time members have given up on, and moved on to other sites, or just gave up .

Hunting season is winding down, and it was SLOW In here in so called Prime time

pretty soon it will be dead in here IMO.
again, too bad, as this was a great site yrs back
still not bad
just SLOW!

12-22-2015, 12:04 PM

12-24-2015, 06:09 PM
Yeah not sure why it all fell apart I don't even remember the last time I saw baker on here

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12-27-2015, 08:45 AM
Yeah not sure why it all fell apart I don't even remember the last time I saw baker on here

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Neither do I. But it was a pretty fast decline. I believe that another competing Ohio sportsman's site came online and has kept an active membership. That's where most of the members have gone.